5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Beginners

In the year 2015, for the first time ever, mobile search traffic outpaced search traffic on traditional desktop and laptop computers. If you’re trying to develop mobile content that attracts as many people as possible, you need to start taking extra measures to optimize it specifically for mobile.

Unfortunately, this means doing more than simply making sure your articles are optimized to open and load on mobile. The mobile content itself needs to be tailored specifically for mobile marketing. Here are five things you should be doing if you’re trying to create great mobile content:

  1. Use Images Carefully

Studies that track user eye movements have proven that mobile users spend more time looking at images than they do at the text. This means that if you want users to spend more time on your content, using images can encourage them to do so. If you have important information for them in the body of the text, however, it can serve to distract them. Decide what’s most important to get across and only use images that complement that key concept.

  1. Keep Your Headlines Short and Sweet

Your mobile users are scanning through headlines and content quickly, so you need something that fits on a small screen easily and grabs attention. It’s good practice to keep your mobile headlines tight and short to accommodate these users. They’ll be more likely to notice the headline and will result in more overall traffic.

  1. Create Content Specifically For Them

The secret to great mobile content is that it’s created for a very specific target audience. Use inbound marketing automation software to analyze and take a look at your mobile audience and see if it’s the same as your overall audience. You might notice that it skews towards a particular gender, age, or geographic location. Once you know more about your audience, you’ll have a better idea of exactly what they’re looking for and how you can help solve their problems for them.

  1. Save the Best for First

For a mobile audience, you need to get right to the point. If they don’t find your content interesting, they’ll simply move onto the next article or switch to Twitter to see what’s going on in the world. We’ve already gone over how important it is to have short, attention-grabbing headlines, so the next step is to put the most interesting, useful information at the start. You should save the lengthy details for the bottom of the article, or for another piece of content altogether.

  1. Use a CTA That Works For Mobile

You’re attracting mobile users, so it makes sense to try and capture information that allows you to communicate with a mobile audience. SMS is the perfect option to do so. Using a business texting service allows you to send messages with an incredible open rate of over 90%. Because these are users that have already shown a preference for mobile, they’ll appreciate SMS text messaging even more than the rest of your audience.

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