Video Marketing for Business

Are You Effectively Leveraging Videos for Your Business?

Are you a local business offering a product or service?  Are you effectively utilizing videos to build your brand?  There are many video marketing tools and sites geared around video marketing. In addition to well-known video sites like Youtube with over 1 billion video “watches” per month, there are countless other video sharing sites coming online daily. Additionally, Facebook recently launched a premium video ad service designed for businesses trying to drive branding objectives on the humungous Facebook platform.  All that being said, not all video tools and sites should be utilized for a particular business.  In fact, when used the wrong way – videos could end up hurting a business’s efforts in acquiring new paying customers.

What’s in a Video?

Just like what the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, videos are definitely worth more considering that they tell a complete story when compared with sill images. Videos are used to convey a dynamic, creative, and powerful message making it easier for businesses to communicate their overall marketing message.  Videos are also fundamental in establishing the overall business brand and the people and the establishment behind it.

Take the case for instance the comparison between a Coca-Cola commercial and a local pizza restaurant aired on a local cable channel. By closely looking at the commercials, it is easy to distinguish which commercial is conceptualized and developed by a professional. The Coca-Cola commercial is creatively done, more enticing and compelling. On the other hand, the pizza restaurant commercial appears to be corny, has poor lighting and poorly written script which could render it dull and ineffective.

Using Videos for Promoting Your Business

As previously mentioned, YouTube is one popular platform where you can upload and share videos for free. Small businesses looking for an avenue to market their products and services should consider a mainstream video sharing site like YouTube. To be effective, the business needs to connect to the user and share a common problem or frustration. Additionally, the video should provide a clear and concise solution to the problem as well.  One clever way to accomplish this task is to provide free and useful information up front. For instance, car mechanics and car part shops could provide valuable information and a step-by-step guide that prospective clients can utilize to diagnose their car problems.  While creating videos that connect with users and their frustrations – and also providing a worthwhile solution — viewers start to develop the know, like, and trust with your business & brand.  This same trust will keep the users coming back to your site and eventually result in a lead or sale for your end product or service.  In summary, help the viewer to feel connected to your product or service and the solution you are offering rather than them feeling like they are watching just another boring video advertisement.

The Video Instruction Approach

Not all businesses succeed in the video marketing arena. Service type local businesses are the typical businesses that can greatly benefit from using these “instructional type” videos – while also creating brand awareness for their business. Those specializing in home repair, plumbing, electrical, HVAC maintenance, medical, maintenance, dental, health, etc. will greatly benefit from the instructional video approach. As online users listen, see, and learn from your videos, they will continue to come back to your site.  In the long run, it’s fairly easy for businesses of this type to build a rapport and connection with their audience resulting in highly targeted leads and sales.

In Summary

To gain an advantage in using videos, consider using a video marketing service to ensure you’re developing professional videos that look vibrate, unique, and professional. As previously mentioned, local businesses typically benefit most from video marketing, and it’s important to use an instructional based approach towards your video development efforts — an approach that will hit home with your prospective customer’s needs and issues, and also offers a sound solution.

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